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With the Coronavirus there are many winners like Amazon but there are many losers and more people are hungry.
*[[The winners and losers with Covid-19 ]]

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We all need to breathe. But, over 90 per cent of us have to live with polluted air. This edition of New Internationalist is about clean air.

First read this article about the inequality of air pollution:


The people in Mumbai are very angry. They cannot breathe the air and the government is doing very little:


Read about how Los Angeles, China, and Utrecht in the Netherlands are making big progress on cleaner air:


Research says that by 2030 there could be nearly 50,000 deaths per year in Africa just from industry and car emissions. Find out what is happening in Nigeria:


Journalists write about the effects of air pollution on their lives:


Air pollution kills millions of people each year. After Coronavirus, we want to return to normal but we could have worse air quality than before. Read about the big changes we need to make.


Do famous people like Madonna and Bill Gates do good or do harm with issues they support?


In Rwanda 61 percent of politicians are women, in Papua New Guinea there are none. What can we do to get equality for women in politics?


George Floyd did in the US when a police officer knelt on his neck for nine minutes. But police brutality is a problem in the UK. France, Australia, and other countries:


With the Coronavirus there are many winners like Amazon but there are many losers and more people are hungry.