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This issue is about what we can do to help the planet.

We look at the ideas and actions that will help the planet socially, economically, and politically. We are not only looking at the bright side of the terrible situation we are in with climate change and the environment. We believe we can still avoid the worst of climate change because we see the tools and movements that can help us find answers.

Why not start with a quiz + infographic?:


Read a conversation between two young climate activists. They talk about what they are doing in protests and in their schools and on social media to stop climate breakdown:


Isaac Rose writes about the success of Extinction Rebellion and how the Labour Party can help:


Market solutions will just push the responsibility to the countries least responsible for climate change. The countries most responsible for climate change must help to pay for the damage in the Global South.


Here are nine things we can all do to help climate change:


Who will die first when the end of the world comes with climate change - the rich or the poor?


Is there any reason for optimism? What good things are going on in the world related to the climate emergency?:


Behrouz Boochani is a Kurdish-Iranian writer. He has been in prison on Manus Island since 2013. Manus Island is one of Australia’s detention centres for asylum seekers. There are 600 asylum seekers in prison on Manus Island. Read about the terrible situation they are in and about the book Behrouz Boochani wrote about life on the island:


In Spain the far right Vox party is winning support and votes. And it supports Islamophobia.


It is difficult to get the opposition in Brazil to agree and work together. But this may change with Bolsonaro's new Pension Reform Bill:


Thee are so many big problems in the world and when we hear people talking about unimportant things. it can make us feel angry. What can we do?


When do you take photos? Who takes photos for your passport? How is the need for photos changing in Dhaka?


There are many reports of police torture in Kashmir. Read about the terrible story of a young teacher called Rizwan:


The big tech companies - Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft - have so much power and they do not always use it well. What can we do?


In Cameroon a civil war is coming between French speaking and English speaking parts of the country.


Read about two very good films. They are about two strong women - an Icelandic climate activist and a Vietnamese wife.


Are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter good for us or bad for us?


President Bolsonaro of Brazil wants to make the indigenous people part of white Brazilian society and to take back their lands. But the indigenous people are planning to fight and re-occupy their lands. They can look after the Amazon forests and help the world.


South Africa's first democratic elections were 25 years ago. Is life different now for people who did not know their country during apartheid?


Modi is prime minister of India for a second time. There are problems with religious differences in India. What will happen now?


Anthony Joseph is a musician from Trinidad. He talks about his music and his novel and the Windrush scandal.


Read about how local people in countries around the world are taking action to stop the use of coal and oil and to help stop climate change:


3 Ready Lessons this month, based on articles above: