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This main topic of this month's issue is Saudi Arabia and the West.

How much do you know about Saudi Arabia? - try this quick quiz, then check with the infographic:

The main article is about selling arms to Saudi Arabia - why do countries do this?:

Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen for a year - read the facts about the damage and the countries who win by selling all the arms eg. UK and US:


There are a number of problems for Saudi Arabia now and the leaders are playing a dangerous game:

Read about all the different types of activists in Saudi Arabia - are they organized enough to make a difference?:

Did you know about all the child trafficking in Nepal? 'Voluntourists' think they are helping, but they are not. After the earthquakes, people were worried it would get worse, but many people are helping:


A short article about the election for president in Peru in April:

They have changed some laws in Pakistan and now many Christians have to hide and live in fear:

Women are not allowed to watch volleyball in public in Iran - but it's the favourite sport in Iran. People (in Iran and international organizations) are now fighting to change this ban:

How much do you know about the President of Turkey?:


How much do you know about Cameroon?

Is democracy working? What questions do we need to ask about democracy?

What can we do to get rid of all the rubbish in the oceans? Read about this project:

Meet Freddy, a rock star, who is now changing politics in Taiwan:


From the web this month:

How do you become a rickshaw rider in Bangladesh? - Read Mostafa's story:


From the blogs this month:

Can they stop the deforestation in Malawi? This project is to plant and look after a million trees: