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*[[Inside the ‘arsenal of peace’]]
*[[Inside the ‘arsenal of peace’]]

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Jailbreak: Reimagining Justice

We spend billions of dollars on police and crowded prisons but they are not keeping us safe. So, what could the world look like without them? In this edition we look at a movement that wants to abolish prisons, police, and the systems that support them, and at the same time to make them unnecessary. It is not a new movement and people often misunderstand it. We hear from people around the world who are putting abolition into action by thinking differently about justice.

From this issue:

Is it possible to have a world where we don’t need police or prisons? Read about the abolitionist movement and its ideas to make this possible.


When European countries made colonies, they used prisons and police to control people. Read about how prisons and police began and the situation then and now in Kenya.


Changing the punishment and prison system starts with us. Read about how we can replace punishment with social justice in our everyday lives in school, at home, at work and in popular culture.


The fossil fuel companies are lying to us. Again. Read about how they use advertisements to make them look green.


Read about Italy’s biggest arms factory. Volunteers are using it to send food to Ukrainian refugees.