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Poverty needs to change. We do not value what poor people do but we only make rich people richer. This is a kind of theft that we look at in this issue. This idea for change is not new. But it is more urgent today because there is no reason why we should still have poverty and no reason why inequality is growing and out of control.

Begin by reading this - it tells us what we can do about solving the huge problem of poverty in the world:


Read about Junaid, a university lecturer waiting on death row because of blasphemy:


Amel al-Zakout is a Syrian artist. She nearly drowned in the Mediterranean Sea after her boat turned over on the way to Greece. Gerard Canals is a volunteer lifeguard. He saved Amel's life. Now they speak together for the first time since the rescue.


Hindus and Muslims live peacefully together in the holy city of Varanasi in India. But Varanasi is prime minister Narendra Modi's constituency and his Hindu nationalist party want to control all of India and only give rights to Hindus.


As tourists we enjoy the great national parks in the USA, Africa, and Asia. But they were the homes of indigenous tribes. Read about the violence againat the indigenous peoples.


What can we do to help the environment if we have to fly a lot for our work? Read what one person does:


A group protesting against a coalmine in the north of England asked Extinction Rebellion for help. Read what happened.


Who will suffer most from the Coronavirus? The rich, the poor, Europe, or Africa?


Boris Johnson, the British prime minster, is asking people to self-isolate to help to stop coronavirus. But is this possible for everyone?


In the UK there is a problem with finding and paying for ventilators and protective equipment for the coronavirus quickly and cheaply - why?


And this article says that the only solution to beating Covid-19 is internationalism:

A new law In India gives citizenship only to non-Muslims who arrived in India before December, 2014. Read about the Muslim women protesting in groups:


Most European countries refuse to take back their people who fought with ISIS. But Kossovo is doing the opposite and is really helping their own people.


There is a problem in the UK with the Corona virus. There is not enough personal protective equipment for doctors and health workers.


The Malaysian government wants to build big dams. The dams will destroy the environment and people's homes. The islanders are protesting against the government to save their land, the rivers, and their own ways of life.


People think that multitasking - doing two or more things at the same time - is clever. But is it good for our brains?


The international clothes industry makes very big profits but it pays workers very little. What are unions doing to help the workers?


Read about how Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil, is working against the indigenous people.


For years the migrant workers in Spain have worked in terrible conditions to send fruit and vegetables to supermarkets in the UK. Now the Coronavirus has made life so much worse for them. But read how it was very bad before the Coronavirus.