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The main topic this month is banks.

What is very wrong with the big banks?


It's possible that we'll have another banking crisis. Read about why:

So what can we do about banks? - how to change to different systems. And 2 great youtube clips on banking activism in Spain:

And here's a READY LESSON about GLOBAL BANKS - it will take anything from 1 to 3 hours and includes quiz, infographic, jigsaw reading, speaking, listening to a youtube clip and writing tweets and bumper stickers to summarise:

Read about Peter Tatchell and his fights against abuse of human rights:

How much do you know about Côte D’Ivoire? Check here for an up-to-date analysis:


Web exclusives:

Arab families are losing their homes:

Photo story - women working as park rangers in Afghanistan to protect the beautiful area:

Where do women go in Brazil to escape from domestic violence? There are new laws to protect women, but these often don't work. So there are a few 'safe houses':

In 1846 and 1847, there was hunger in Ireland, and thousands of refugees took old boats to Quebec. Many people died on the way to Quebec. Isn't this the same as Mediterranean refugees dying? Has David Cameron forgotten?

Samira is from Africa. She made the long, terrible, dangerous journey to England. Read about how she did it:

Read about this amazing woman - Marilyn Baptiste. She won the fight against the mining company in Canada that planned to destroy a lake and the environment. Also, a great, short youtube clip about the story to watch:

From the blogs this month:

Read about illegal immigration in Malaysia - and the deaths of children:


Great news! - new laws to stop Indian kids eating junk food:

Why are the Rohingya risking their lives to leave Burma? - evidence of genocide:

After the earthquakes in Nepal - the problem of human trafficking - how can we help to stop it?:

Mr Gove, in the new Conservative government in the UK, wants to get rid of the Human Rights Act - why?:

How can we stop the power the big tobacco companies have? Look at what's happening in India:

And here's a READY LESSON about the above article, for Intermediate learners, taking anything from 1 to 2.5 hrs, and including vocabulary, grammar and reading :

The problems with healthcare in West Africa are not over - it's even worse after Ebola:

When we vote, we should understand the policies and plans, not vote for the personality:


After the terrible earthquake in Nepal, we need to learn from what happened after other disasters: