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This month, May 2014, the main topic is organ trafficking:

For all the information about organ trafficking, and several personal stories, read:


For a short article about how people need more organs, and some infographics, read:


And are electric cars always good?:

What help can activists get when they suffer from stress? Read:

Why do they build walls to keep the Roma away? And teach Roma children in separate classes? Read about Slovakia:

Read about the Romanian group fighting against the discrimination of UKIP:

Do you know about TPP and TTIP - very big international trade agreements that would give big business more power than countries? Read why they're a bad idea:

Were the missionaries good for the forest people in Central African Republic? Read this story:

We can stop sexual violence in India if more people talk about, and know about sex. Read about a new Hindi website:

Read an interview with Uri Fruchtmann - he helps people make videos to stop abuse of human rights around the world:

The argument this month:

is about killing animals - read this for an argument about halal and kosher killing:

Web exclusives:

Look at these beautiful photos of the "city of widows" in India - and read about how it's changing:

Read what Ukrainians in London think about the situation in Ukraine:

Read about ideas for and against the death penalty:

Does everyone benefit from tourism and development? Read about the new middle class in Vietnam:

From the blogs this month:

Why is all the forest in the world disappearing? Who can protect it? Read about what's happening in Cambodia:

How many cities are saying no to money for fossil fuels?

Could you live on £5 a week for all your food? Read about these people who did this to make people think about how difficult it is:

The conditions are so bad in detention centres in the UK that migrants are protesting - read this:

In some countries, like Sri Lanka, it is not easy to develop tourism and keep traditional and religious beliefs at the same time - read this about the tourist who was deported from Sri Lanka because she had a tattoo:


Ready lessons from this month's articles:

Here's a lesson based on the story about forests disappearing and activists being killed in Cambodia. It includes speaking and reading and a focus on different grammar areas (verbs, articles and prepositions):

And here's a lesson based on the main theme of this month's magazine - organ trafficking. It includes speaking, reading, poster-making and writing to interpret graphs and infographics: