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This month (March) the main topic is renewable energy, and who will control it

Start with this quiz + infographic - how much do you know about world energy production and use?:

Then read the main article - about the choices we have - do we want the same big energy company to control the future of renewable energy? - or is it better for the people to control it?

What do you want the energy system in the UK to be like? See what these people want:

Now read about "Desertec" - is it a good idea to produce energy for Europe from solar panels in the Sahara Desert? There are many problems with this ... political, social, environmental ... it's just like old colonial times:


Nadine May

Does having children make climate change worse?

And here's a 2-3 hr READY LESSON using the above text with a group of intermediate learners - teaching learners to argue better about climate change and having children:

And is it a good idea for all the powerful countries to work together? - No!

There are articles in university journals which say that some populations are naturally stupid. Is this right?

Do you know Modi - the new Prime Minister of India?:

Web exclusives this month:

Read the terrible stories of migrants from Sudan in Calais:

Photos from a big photo competition showing the environment - what's happening with climate change all around the world:

For International Women's Day, read about women in Yemen. There are many problems with equality in this country that men control, but one student has started rapping in the street to fight for a better life for women:

And look at the people in this Ring of Peace in Norway - they want to protect the respect for all the different religions and cultures:

From the blogs this month:

Is homeopathy rubbish?! Mari Marcel Thekaekara says no!

Is it a good idea to treat prisoners badly or humanely? Read an article by a prisoner from the US:

What about small island countries? There was the terrible cyclone in Vanuatu, and now ex-President Nasheed from the Maldives is in prison. We need to help the small islands fight against climate change and dictatorships:


Read about the first British university to want to stop contact with Israeli universities:

Why does the British government put so much money into the arms business. If it put more money into renewable energy, it would make sure we all have a better future:

How can the public invest in renewable energy? What happens in other countries? Why is fracking and traditional drilling for gas and oil getting less?:

Vandana Shiva fights for seeds, for farmers, for the land and the rights of people. She really wants people to understand how important the soil is and how we must not let GM crops, trade agreements and big business take away our rights:

Now watch this short video about what's happening with climate change:

And finally - here's some good news! - read about this group of positive people in India, meeting to discuss and help each other with positive ideas that can change society: