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This month, the magazine is about Ebola. The media has stopped talking about it. And West Africa will feel the effects - social, cultural and economic – for many years. We take a critical look at the humanitarian response and problems with the health systems. Ebola is not a new disease – it’s been around since 1976 – so why did more than 11,000 West Africans die 2014 - 16? Did we learn the right lessons? And is Sierra Leone ready if the virus returns?


Here's a 1.5 - 2hour lesson including the quiz + infographic, several of these stories and short videos:

This is the main article - read about Sierra Leone after Ebola - did we learn the right lessons?:


Mamie Lebbi was the first person in Sierra Leone to have Ebola. Read how she survived:

It's almost impossible to find the graves of family members who died from Ebola - this is the story of one woman looking for her father's grave:


Why did so many teenage girls get pregnant in the Ebola crisis? Read about some of them:

Read about the Tripoli Boys who live in a slum in Sierra Leone and helped to stop Ebola:

A student in Sierra Leone waited weeks and months before he could touch his new girl friend! Read his story:

Many women were sterilized by force in Peru twenty years ago. The government didn't agree that they were responsible. Now they are trying to get compensation:

Do you want to find out more about Ecuador? Read this information and facts about the country:

From the web:

There's a new government in Brazil. Artists don't like it, so they are protesting:

Look at this photo story - the refugees at the Idomeni camp on the border between Greece and Macedonia. Now the border has closed, not many people remember the refugees there:


From this month's blogs:

There is more racism now in the UK. Read about how to help stop it and support people who suffer:


Read about how the Mexicans are fighting Donald Trump!

Showing Trump what we think of him


Brazil is the most dangerous country in the world for people who fight against human rights - read about Nilce, who protested against the building of a dam: