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This month, the main topic is fundamentalism

Articles from the magazine:

This is the main article - why are so many people, all over the world, in all different religions, attracted to fundamentalism?:

There is a READY LESSON for pre-intermediate learners related to this (and getting learners to discuss the new UK Government "British Values / Prevent" strategy) here:


Read about the many different types of fundamentalism in Pakistan:

And about Hindu fundamentalism - both in India and in Indian communities living outside India:

Here is a READY LESSON for Upper Intermediate learners - 1.5 hrs - including all of the 3 articles above:

US right-wing churches are giving money to people in Uganda to make everyone hate gay people:

And the final article about fundamentalism: read about how fundamentalist schools can stop children thinking and asking questions:

The Baku European Games are this month in Azerbaijan - but what about the oil, power and human rights abuses in the country?:

How can this Bahraini activist still smile in her fight against all the problems?:


What are the reasons for and against eating meat and dairy products? Should we all be vegetarian or vegan?

How much do you know about Burma? or is it Myanmar? Find out all about the country here:

Web exclusives:

Fighting against fracking in the Basque Country - with an international camp in July:

Why is most of Africa so poor when there are so many natural resources there?:

Try this QUIZ first, to see how much you know:

then read the article:

After the disaster of the Rana Plaza clothes factory collapse in Bangladesh, the victims have won some money. But here are the stories of some women and what they have lost:

Look at this photo story about the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar and their lives in Malaysia:


One of the captains working in the Mediterranean talks about how difficult it is to rescue migrants:

From the blogs this month:

Why are most Africans so poor when they have so much gold, diamonds, oil etc? Read about the meeting in London about mining in Africa - they didn't invite the people who are really important:

For Father's Day - we need a revolution in fathers around the world to help the lives of women and girls:

Is Japan a country of the future, full of technology? - or a country of the past with old-fashioned attitudes to women and no gender equality?:

First, some good news - lots of positive things happening in the world about climate change:

After the earthquake in Nepal - there is still beauty in Kathmandu and the Nepalese people:


In India, Maggi noodles are now banned because of the lead and MSG. So people are angry that the adverts made them buy them so often:

In Kenya a court has said the country must accept gay rights. But the Church and some MPs are not happy:

The great thing about the new Mad Max film is that people all around the world can see how important water is and what will happen in the future in areas that don't have enough water: