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Read about the problems in South Africa:
*[[South Africa: Zuma trying to hold on to power, citizens suffering]]
Do you know what 'carbon offsetting' is? - find out if it's good or bad:
*[[Can 'carbon offsetting' be good?]]

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The world must do more

'You messed with the wrong generation.' This is the cry against the return of military rule in Myanmar in February 2021. The protests come from all parts of society. We look at how the February 2021 coup has brought together millions to protest against the military government and to call for a new democracy without the military in politics. We talk to people on the front lines of the protest and we write about how the world must take action to support them.

From this issue:

First read about the military coup and the protest


Four protesters, a doctor, an artist, an activist, and an MP, talk about why they will not give up


In 2020, 19 million people went hungry in Brazil. Read about how the very rich are OK but how the poor are suffering with Covid-19 in Brazil.


In Nairobi they are building more and more roads and losing their trees.


Six in ten Brazilians are finding it difficult to get enough food and President Bolsonaro is doing very little to help.


Stanislav Tomas, a Roma, died in June 2021 in the Czech town of Teplice after a brutal arrest by police. A video shows an officer kneeling on Tomas’s neck for four minutes. There are many Roma people in Glasgow, Scotland, and they are calling for justice.


Louisa Waugh speaks to activists in Israel and Palestine working together for peace.


Port workers in Italy are refusing to work for wars they don’t support.


In India, at the start of the second terrible Covid-19 wave in April, the government and Prime Minister Modi did nothing and many died.


In Mexico, there is a new generation of young indigenous women. They are using art to fight racism and to celebrate their native identity.


In Xinjiang in China the Uyghur people have no privacy. It is an open-air prison with cameras and police checkpoints everywhere.They monitor all mobile phones and laptops. Find out more:


People see Lukashenko as Europe’s last dictator. Read about how he keeps power.


Read about the problems in South Africa:

Do you know what 'carbon offsetting' is? - find out if it's good or bad: