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Two-thirds of people in India live in rural areas but the government is not helping  them during Covid-18:
*[[Doing nothing about the rural poor in India]]

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The world’s attention is on Covid-19. But Turkey is increasing its war against the Kurds – in Syria, in Iraq, and in Turkey. Will the West, once again, do nothing to help their friends who led the fight against Islamic State?

Read about the reasons why we must support the Kurds:


Iran’s Kurds are suffering badly. Why?


Turkish airstrikes in Northern Iraq are not new, but the recent air and ground assault is very new. What is Turkey's plan?


Gary Rynhart thinks we can achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and Jan Vandemoortele thinks we can't. Read their discussion:


Two-thirds of people in India live in rural areas but the government is not helping them during Covid-18: