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The main topic this month is big digital companies and how much they now control. We have easy, free/cheap Facebook, Amazon and Google, but we have given up our privacy and support for ethical shopping. How far has this gone? And how much do they exploit people? How anti-democratic is this new ‘surveillance capitalism’?

From the magazine this month:

A few very big digital companies are now taking over the world - read their story and how they did it:


And are Uber and AirBnB also part of this take-over?

In India, activists fought against control by Facebook, and won!:


How are technology and charity working together to help people around the world? Read about some of the successes and some of the problems:

Read about The Bahamas - the facts and the politics:


And read about this farmer, Maxima, in Peru, fighting against the big mining companies to be able to keep her own land:

From the web:

A Photo Story here about an art festival in Mexico:


A lot of the aid money that should be helping people in camps in Nigeria is going to corrupt officials:

Read about Turkey - the attempted coup and after - with lots of photos:

Families of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan have to stay at the border of Hungary. They don't know when they can move on:


From the blogs:

Who protects workers from abuse at work in London? Read about IWGB. They've won many improvements for contract workers in the UK:

Does climate change cause conflict? Or is this related to the ethnic mix of peoples in the specific area:


The ISA (International Seabed Authority) is giving permission to many mining companies to explore mining opportunities in the deep sea of the oceans - they should protect the oceans and ocean life instead:

How important is water? Do we always remember how important it is if we get it so easily?:


Watch these short (10 minutes each) videos - interviews with refugees in the camps in Greece:

And there are 2 ready lessons from this month's article - on ppt and pdf: