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This month's main topic is capitalism and its alternatives.

The first article, before we look at alternatives, discusses what capitalism is and why it is so difficult to fight against it:


And there's a Ready Lesson about the article above, for Intermediate learners:

The second article looks at the story of socialism - at first it wanted real democracy, but now it has mostly joined together with capitalism:

And the third article looks at anarchism and the history of libertarian thought:

The final alternative to capitalism looks at the environmental crisis - this is a very big challenge to capitalism and all the alternatives:

This Iranian journalist, who now lives in London, started a Facebook campaign to talk about freedom - not to wear a hijab. The campaign is growing:

And there's a Ready Lesson for pre-intermediate groups about this article above, and the blog below:

From the web this month:

Athens has a lot of problems, but they still try to help all the refugees who keep arriving:

The reality in Europe is not what many migrants expect. Mamadou Dia from Senegal is trying to change this and help both worlds understand each other better:

Read about Nigeria where they privatized the energy - after advice from the International World Bank - and now most of the country has no electricity at all:

The big international NGOs are not helping Greece with all its refugees, because they say the EU should help - but now the situation is getting worse - read about the island of Lesvos:


What's happening in Egypt? - the government is trying to control terrorism, but probably bringing more instability:

From the blogs this month:

The Labour Party in the UK is choosing a new leader - and many people in the media are saying that it would not be good to choose Jeremy Corbyn (the most popular at the moment). Here are 5 reasons why it would be good to choose this more Leftwing candidate:

Domestic workers around the world have low pay and many problems. How can new laws help?:

Read about this indigenous community in the Amazon (Brazil) who have to fight to stop people cutting down their trees illegally:

A Catholic nun in India was not allowed to take her exam for medical college because she wore a veil - but this is not because of religion, it's because of too much cheating in exams:

There's a Ready Lesson - for pre-intermediate groups about this article (above) and the magazine article - both about Women and Clothes:

Do we respect doctors and science too much or too little now? Read about the history of modern medicine - is it keeping up with modern life?:

In India, they need more regulations on the medicines they make and sell - India is the 'pharmacy of the world', but it's killing some of it's own people from bad quality medicine:

In Kenya, they're making the capital beautiful before Obama visits:

Some people in the world have a lot of technology - some don't have enough - how can it be more equal?:

Nepal still needs help after the earthquakes - look at this Red Tree project and how it is helping the people who need help most: