GUIDE TO THIS MONTH'S ARTICLES - January / February 2024

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Climate Capitalism

We are now ready to change to green energy – or at least, the effects of green technologies are clear. At the same time, businesses are trying to tell us how green they are.

In this issue, we look at the changes in progress and how the new economy is repeating the capitalist mistakes of the old economy. And we ask what we can do to build something better and really solve the problems of climate change.

From this magazine:

We have the green technologies we need now. But what are the problems we face when businesses want to make big profits


A new Act in Uganda is making homosexuality a serious crime. Read about how LGBTQI+ people are risking their lives to change Uganda’s strict new anti-gay law.


One in five women now aged 20-24 in Ghana married under-age. Read about how a Ghanaian activist is working to stop child marriage.


In Uganda, a group of student climate activists were in court on 7 February 2024. They faced charges of inciting violence as the government is stopping all environmental activists. They were protesting peacefully against an oil pipeline.