GUIDE TO THIS MONTH'S ARTICLES - January / February 2018

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This month's topic is YOUNG PEOPLE around the world and their problems - WHAT'S LEFT FOR THE YOUNG?

First, read about 'millennials' are people born between 1980 and 2000. What problems do this group have? How are they protesting? What is their future?


And here's a series of 3 articles about young people in different countries:

Musa came to Italy from Gambia as a migrant. He wants to be a famous DJ. Read about his story and the problems he had and still has.


Ravali is a university student in India and a Dalit. Read about how she ie protesting aganst the caste sysrtem in India and starting a revolution:


Jake is transgender and makes videos on YouTube. Read about his problems in making enough money to live:


And what about the 'youth bulge' in Africa - will so many young people in Africa be negative or positve for the future?:


Look at these beautiful photos and read the short news stories from around the world to get an idea of the many things that went on in 2017:


And here's a Ready Lesson based on the short news stories above:

Do you know how very rich people spend their money? - it's shocking to see this, and to think about the big differences between rich and poor:


Read about the way young Muslim girls and women are finding the internet a safe place to talk about their ideas, and to find information about relationships and sex:


There are good things about Facebook and social media but there are also problems:


The young in South Africa are a new generation of activists. They are protesting against inequality and for education for all:


Mining is destroying the beautiful environment in the Philippines. Gina Lopez is 64 and a yoga master. She is fighting to save the Philippines:


For years the farmers in Colombia have grown coca. President Trump wants them to stop immediately. What will be the result of this for peace?


And now read about how an art group in Mozambique is trying to end domestic violence and stop child marriage: