GUIDE TO THIS MONTH'S ARTICLES - January / February 2017

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From this month's magazine:

Chris Brazier goes back to an African village after 10 years to see if life there has changed:

Here, he compares then (30 years ago) and now: education, women, sanitation, water etc:


The new village Chief is more modern - how will this help the village?:


Read more about Chris Brazier's visit to the African village - this time giving money is a problem:

Have a look at these 18 very short news stories from around the world in 2016:


From the web this month:

We need to do a lot to fight against climate change: cut carbon emissions, but also adapt in many ways to the changes that have already happened:

Read about the many terrible problems for the people of Gaza after the ten years of Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip:

In India farmers are using bees to grow more and better food:

Why is there a prison crisis in Brazil? - too many people in prison - too little government money - read about these and other problems:


Have you heard about this new radio station in Uganda - only women control the editing so there's a lot of space for women to be equal:

From the blogs this month:

A great NGO working in favelas in Rio helps communities build networks to make their voice heard - maybe favelas are not as bad as many people thought:


Ready lessons this month:

And here are 2 great Ready Lessons on articles from this month: