GUIDE TO THIS MONTH'S ARTICLES - January / February 2016

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This month's New Internationalist is about migration, migrants and refugees.

First, try this quiz and check your answers on the infographic - how much do you know about refugees in the world?:

This is the main article of the magazine - it looks at the history of migration and solutions to the migration crisis:


What's the difference between 'migrants' and 'refugees'? And how can we help them? - lots of websites, TED talks and ideas here:

Lebanon has more refugees from Syria than any other country. Many Christians there are helping the Muslims, even though they have very little:


Read these short stories - many people around the world are helping the refugees:

Here's a Ready Lesson for pre-intermediate learners on the helping stories above:

Who is a migrant? Why do we worry about migrants?

And here are lots of short news stories from around the world in 2015 - maybe you didn't see them, so here's another chance:

Here's a Ready Lesson based on the news stories above:

Why are border controls not the answer to the migrant problem?

How much do you know about Djibouti? Look at these facts and analysis:

From the web this month:

Look at this photo story - photos of refugees at The Jungle - the camp in Calais:


Read how difficult life is for Tibetans living in Nepal:

Why is China torturing Tibetans and putting them in prison?

Why are the French police using CS gas and rubber bullets on the refugees in Calais? How is Banksy, the street artist, helping the refugees?


Read about how an organisation is working against violence against women in Palestine:

From the blogs this month:

Can women change the system in India and get rights for the workers on the tea plantations?

Do you want to read some good news for a change? - this is about the Robin Hood Army in India and Pakistan - young people helping get food to people who need it:


Read about the very bad situation in Greece where police are arresting volunteers:

Not many people know about the slave girls in Nepal:

Can they stop the deforestation in Malawi? This project is to plant and look after a million trees: