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The main topic this month is LANGUAGES - what can we do to stop minority languages dying?

Do you know a lot about languages? And about minority languages? Here's a quiz:

Read the main article about what's happening to many minority languages, and what we can do to save them:

Find out the facts: which are the most spoken languages in the world? which countries have the most languages? what laws are there to protect native languages? Find out here (then check on the amazing infographic):

And find out more about languages - what is a language? what is a dialect? what is a pidgin? Read this:

The argument this month is about riots. When people riot in the streets, is that a good thing or a bad thing for democracy? What do you think?

Do you know the Chinese writer and film director Xiaolu? Read a short interview with her here:

Senegal is fighting against the power of the big tobacco companies. And they're winning! Read this:

And a short story about Canada - do you know about all the aborigine children who died there?:

What about housing in Spain? Lots of people lost their homes - and they're now living in flats the bank took from them:

From the blogs this month:

For World Refugee Day (20th June), read an interview about problems LGBT refugees can have:

Everyone's talking about the football, but can you be both a great football player and a good father? Read about Suarez:

How important are indigenous languages in South America? - and what's the best way to get more people to use them? Read about Aymara in Bolivia:

Is world food supply secure? How is food supply related to poverty? And what is the World Bank doing about it? Read this:

What do you know about Goa - is it a beautiful place for a holiday? Or do they have problems there with illegal activities? Read this:

Are sign languages in danger too? Read this:

Look what schools in Spain are doing to help children who don't have enough to eat:

Two poor Indian girls were raped and murdered in India - and the police helped in the crime. What can India do to stop all the crime against women? Read this:

and here is an Avaaz petition to sign:


How can we be a good mother? Is it good to compare what we think with celebrities? Is it the same for all mothers? Read this:

On Hart Island in New York, close to the coast of the Bronx, there is a secret graveyard where relatives cannot visit their family members. What is the story behind the graveyard?

There are meetings about climate change in Germany in June. But will they agree that fracking is a mistake? Jamie Gorman wants them to know four important things about fracking.

If you want to know more about fracking, look at this "Ready Lesson" from December 2013:



This is the first lower level lesson we've done - a grammar / reading / speaking lesson about "languages" which will work on word order of questions and comparisons:

And another lesson for elementary learners, based on the tobacco in Senegal article: