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This month, the main topic is feminism

look at this READY LESSON - to guide you through some of the articles:

or start with a quick quiz, to see how much you know:

The long article is about the new type of feminism. Read about what is happening around the world - what are people fighting against? and what are they fighting for?


Read about "new feminism" - short stories about a superheroine in a veil in Egypt, women wearing false beards in France, and women who don't deserve to be raped in Brazil:

What is feminism today? Read this interview with a 16 year old feminist and a 68 year old feminist - what do they agree about? Do they disagree?

And for the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act in the US, read about how social change is created on the street:

Should we be women or girls? Read this by comedian / activist Kate Smurthwaite:

And read here about FGM (female genital mutilation) - why do people do it? how can we stop it? what are the problems?:

And, finally, an argument - do you think plastic surgery can make people feel free? - read arguments from both sides:

This month's country profile is about Rwanda - read how it has improved amazingly, but there are worries about the development there:

Web exclusives this month:

How much do you know about fishing in Brazil? And how could oil companies stop the fishing? Read this:

Read about Ebola - the deadly virus in some countries of West Africa:

A special series of articles about Gaza:

A photo story, showing all the people who have had to leave their homes in Gaza, and telling their story:

Read about Gaza - a letter to Obama from a doctor working in a Palestinian hospital:


And read about the second crisis in Palestine - how angry the Palestinians feel about the PA:

From the blogs this month:

First, some blogs about the main topic this month: feminism. Did you know how good trade unions are for feminism at work? Read this:

Is it good for polygamy (having several wives) to be legal in India? Read about it here:

The Church of England finally voted to allow women to be bishops - the top job:

Do you know what America's most dangerous export is? Read this article:

And here is a ready lesson about the article above:

In Africa, children have to learn a new European language when they go to school - is that fair? - or should we fight to value native languages more?:

To celebrate the end of fasting in Ramadam, read about different reasons for fasting, and a poem:

On the day the First World War started, what can we learn about peace movements?:

They're making a film of the excellent book about how we need less inequality in the world: "The Spirit Level". Help them finish the film and change the world:

And read about the protests and battles, new and old, in India:

Did you know about the canal they are planning to build across Nicaragua? - read about all the possible problems it could cause for the environment and the people: