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The main topic this month is democracy in the digital age:

This is the main article - how can we make the world really democratic in this age of technology? - look at some great examples from Iceland:

Is the Internet free? Or is it developing new ways to control us? We need to fight to keep control of it, or big corporations will control it:

Does the internet help democracy?

We have to be very careful with internet laws and security:

Does press freedom exist in the UK? No - there are financial, political and legal chains:

And more about what we can do to stop spying:

And here is a quick quiz - how much do you know about Democracy in 2015? How many people use the Internet in the world? What percentage of Africa, and of Europe can use the Internet? Try the quiz, then check your answers on the infographic:


Web exclusives:

Read about how thousands of Palestinians must cross into Israel in the middle of the night every day to work:

Read about Podemos - the big new anti-austerity movement in Spain - they want to save the people, not the banks:

Four years after the uprising in Egypt - is Egypt now defeated?:

We need to start treating refugees like humans - we need bridges, not boundaries. Here are 4 solutions to the international refugee crisis:

We need a new language to talk about nature - or we will lose our relationship with nature:

Read about and see photographs of the effects of fracking in the USA. Will it be the same in the UK?:

From the blogs this month:

How does education develop our children? Does it teach them to support and agree with capitalism? How can we change it? How can we make education develop creativity and critical thinking?:

And here's a 1.5-2 hr Ready Lesson for Intermediate learners based on this text about changing education:


Why do many big businesses not pay enough tax? Read this and do something to help the government get enough tax to make society more equal:

The Pope's in the Philippines - he says they must stop corruption and end inequality:

What is Shell doing in the Niger Delta? - if people fight, maybe Shell will take more responsibility and pay and help clean up the oil spills:

Read about the attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, and how this could help extremism in Europe:

Also related to the Paris attacks, is religion, in general, a positive or negative force in the world? And where to people with no religion get their morals from?:

Why is there so much in the news about the Paris attacks, and very little about the Boko Haram attacks in Baka, Nigeria? - who chooses what is in the news, and why?

Are women in India really free?

Does money make us happy? Does capitalism make us unhappy?