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From this month's magazine:

There are two main topics this month: The coming war on China: there is a big military build-up – including nuclear weapons – in Asia and the Pacific against China. John Pilger shows how dangerous this is.

Today, there are more than 400 American military bases around China with missiles, bombers, warships, and nuclear weapons. John Pilger has a new film about this dangerous situation in the world:


Where does the name 'bikini' come from? What happened to the islanders after all the nuclear bomb experiments?:

Also, in Tax avoidance: we look at how corporations and rich people around the world are taking public money – and why governments are allowing them to do this. Edited by Josh Eisen and Richard Swift.

Look at Peru and India - how can the governments make more people pay tax?:


Read about the problems that cheating tax makes for democracy, people, and the Global South:


Which countries win and which countries lose in the game of not paying tax? - have a look at this article and check out the map of the world:

Do you understand all the language of avoiding tax? Have a look at the definitions in this short dictionary - it might help!:

Ready lesson:

Here's a Ready Lesson for Upper Intermediate groups including jigsaw-reading, work on collocations, speaking practice and writing a formal letter:

More magazine articles:

How much do you know about the newest country in the world? Have a look at the facts about South Sudan:


An American footballer did not stand during the American national anthem. Read about the big protest he started:


A very short story about feet and poisoned water in India:

Read this short interview with Moby - can music and art change the world?:


From the web this month:

In Africa young inventors are using green technology to find answers to problems:

Read about this amazing, unforgettable film festival in a refugee camp in the desert:


Who is winning?: mosquitoes or humans? What do humans need to do next?:


More and more women are playing football in Africa:


From the blogs this month:

Who makes all the Christmas presents that we buy? Santa's elves? Or people working very long hours for very little pay?: