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From this month's magazine

Here is a short introduction to this month's articles on economics:

Try this Ready Lesson about Economics, with reading, dictation, speaking and language extension:

Here are explanations of 10 economic myths - read why they are not true, with examples:



Would you like to read a beautiful article about rivers and dams in India? Then read this:

Pakistan took many prisoners in the Pakistan-India war in the 1970s. But 50 of them have disappeared and the families have never had any information about them:

Some people said all the protests against drilling for oil in the Arctic were useless - but the kayaktivists (activists in kayaks) won and stopped Shell!:


What do you know about North Korea? - here are some facts:

And here's a Ready Lesson about North Korea (and Myanmar/Burma) - reading about and comparing the countries:

Read this story about a man in Central African Republic who wants change:

From the web this month:

It's Christmas in Bethlehem, but there is no peace or silent nights there:

The Paris Climate Talks are now over - was the agreement a success or a big fail? This article looks at where the agreement failed - in all 4 areas of the 'People's Test':

From the blogs this month:

In Brazil, there was is a big mining disaster - a dam collapsed. Many mining waste dams have collapsed around the world, and many more will collapse if we don't do something:

Why would a government put people in prison for reading? - in Angola, the corrupt government try to control all opposition and keep the people poor:

The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all used slaves to build their success - but indigenous people share everything in equal parts - maybe their ideas and culture could save the planet?:


And here's a Ready Lesson about the article above:

Climate change will affect this generation more than any other. Read what they are doing at the Paris Climate talks:

Women suffer most from climate change - and now they are fighting to make decisions about climate change:


There are many reasons why the UK shouldn't bomb Syria - here are 10 of the best: