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This month's main topic is NGOs

From the magazine:

Do NGOs really help, or do they work too much with big business, and only change small things?:


And what do you think about charities that show photos of starving children to try to get people to give money? Does this respect the people in the Majority World? or is it "development pornography". Read this:

Many charities work closely with big business and force people to leave their land:

Which charities work very closely with big business? And why is it wrong?:

And here is a Ready Lesson about NGOs:

Read about the important work Catherine Hamlin is doing with women in Ethiopia:

For the first time ever, there is a transgender newsreader on Indian TV - read about how important this is for accepting and respecting transgender people:

Good news about the success of the First Nations protests against mining in Canada:

Web exclusives:

A lovely photo story for the new year about the multicultural life in Toronto - the photographer took photos of people from all the countries of the world:

10 years after the tsunami, look at these beautiful photos of the area as it started to recover:


Read about the psychology of climate change - is it better to make people afraid and give solutions? How does politics affect belief that the climate is changing?:

From the blogs this month:

For the New Year, look at how our world could get better:

In Bangalore, they are really bad at recycling - this new system might help - they pay you to separate waste:

What did they decide at the climate conference in Peru? - nothing! - they gave themselves a lot more work before the meeting next year in Paris:

In Lima, Peru, this month, there are international talks about climate change - what should they decide? How can the world protect the ants from the elephants? Who are the ants and who are the elephants? Read this:

Human Rights Day is 10th December - read about this Colombian who is fighting for rights for his people:

Read about the music of Julian Bahula and his bands - the best of South African music:

Oil is very cheap now. But how does this help the climate?

How does happiness relate to how much money we have? Read this and look at the graphs:

And another Ready Lesson about how happiness relates to money: