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The main topic this month is Monsanto and GM food companies. First, read this:

Monsanto is the world's biggest seed company. Will they feed the world or poison the world?


Is Monsanto "the farmer's friend" like they say they are? Or do they bully and cheat farmers - read this about farmers around the world:

Can farmers and groups win if they fight against Monsanto? In some cases - yes! Read these short stories:

Here's a Ready Lesson using these 7 short stories about people fighting against Monsanto - for Intermediate level learners:

Must we make everyone vote in elections? Read about the ideas for and against this question:

And here's a Ready Lesson about voting, based on the text above, for Intermediate level learners:

From the web:

Deforestation was going down - now it's going up again - what can we do to protect the biggest rainforest in the world?:

Do you know about the children selling flowers at night in Thailand? They are usually indigenous groups that are forced to move to the cities. Read more:

Read how solar power is helping people in a refugee camp in Lebanon.

Solar power comes to Shatila


From blogs this month:

Can we control if we eat GM food or not? - not if we eat animals that eat GM food, because this information is not on the label. Read about what we can do to change this:

2 years after the terrible Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh. Are the working conditions better now? Read about the fight for a living wage, in Bangladesh and around the world:

What's more important? - beautiful environment and fresh food or making money from mining? Read about this case in Norway, and what people are doing to fight against the mining plans:

Women's rights in Afghanistan - read about Rula Ghani - the First Lady of Afghanistan - and what she says about women and the hopeful women's rights movement there:

It's not easy to fight for women's rights if you get death threats - but Sharmila Seyyid, a woman poet in Sri Lanka, continues to do this. Read what she says about forcing women to cover their head and face:

Climate change, the Arctic 30 and our general election - are the politicians doing enough:

Why is there so much racism against Eastern Europeans in Britain?:

Eduardo Galeano, poet from Uruguay, died in April 2015 - read his beautiful dream about the future from 1975:

The media in the UK do not tell us everything. Read about the new ways to report the truth:

What is the best future for food in Africa? - big business or local communities?:


Why does big business have so much power in politics? What can we do?