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The most important topic in this month's issue is whistleblowing (revealing important information to the public).

If you want to understand more about whistleblowers, read:

Why is whistleblowing important? - read:

Read about one case where the whistleblower became a millionaire - but this case is not helping the production of cheaper / generic drugs:

And what about whistleblowing in the church? Read about two priests who have revealed information and lost their jobs:


This month's argument is about income:

Do you think there should be a basic income for everyone in the world? Read:

for a discussion between two people.

In the news:

Should they drill for oil in the Yasuni forest in Ecuador? Read this:

What is everyday life like in CAR (Central African Republic)? Read:

What's happening with the elections in India? Read:

How can a 73-year-old stop a big mining company in Australia? Read:

Why does Angelique Kidjo hate "world music"? Read:

It's St.George's Day on 23rd April - why not let people know how important immigrants are:

Food waste:

How much food is wasted in the world? How can we waste less? To find out, read:


You can use the Ready Lesson to help you:

Other articles:

Who makes the tea we drink? What is the real cost? Read:

Are you interested in languages? What about languages that could disappear? Read:

What's a "pangolin"? Do we want to save them? How? Read:

And here's another Ready Lesson to help understand about the pangolins: