Dictogloss to writing lesson

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Dictogloss to writing lesson - for intermediate levels and above:

1. Select (or get learners to select) any Easier English article which will suit and interest learners in your group. It could be an article the learners have looked at before, as a review task.

2. Predict: write up or display the title of the article - learners discuss titles in pairs or groups to see if they can predict the story.

3. Dictogloss the first paragraph: the teacher reads the paragraph, normal speed, twice or three times; learners note down key words, and compare with a partner after each reading. Then learners, in groups of 3 to 5, reconstruct the paragraph from all their notes. The aim is not to necessarily to repeat the original text, but for them to work together to link their notes to form a grammatically correct, coherent paragraph. They may need 20 - 30 minutes for this.

4. Feedback: learners compare paragraphs, peer correct errors and compare with Easier English paragraph.

6. Writing: groups then discuss how the article could continue, decide on what to write, and write the following paragraph (or two, or three ....)

7. Feedback: groups again compare their writing, peer correct errors, decide which continuation is more likely, and compare with Easier English article.

8. Follow-up: learners read the original article in the link