Definitions - what is humanitarianism? & what is international humanitarian law?

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What is humanitarianism?

This is anything people do to make the lives of others better. It started from the idea that we should respect all humans. Now, people link it with emergency help after disasters (natural or manmade). In the past, humanitarian action mainly tried to save lives and protect the rights of people in danger. Now it is used for everything from helping in famines to re-building the country in Afghanistan.

What is International Humanitarian Law?

International Humanitarian Law, or the ‘Rules of War’, tells people how they should act in a war. It says you cannot hurt civilians, or destroy what they need to survive. It says that you must allow help and medical care to get to civilians and people who are hurt. You cannot use children as soldiers. You cannot use weapons that fire randomly. This law regulates the selling of weapons too. Finally, there is a system of international justice to punish people who commit war crimes.

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