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Global Justice in Easier English by Linda Ruas, published by New Internationalist, 2016.

3 short books of classroom tasks about various global issues, at Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels. Intended to be used as a class set, in group work or for self-study, a full key to tasks is included:

A-Z of Global Issues by Julie Pratten, Linda Ruas and Helen Waldron, published by Academic Study Kit, 2017.

A resource book with class activities about various global issues: bees, activists, refugees, food banks etc :

Why Global Issues? by Linda Ruas, published by Academic Study Kit, 2017.

A short book in both paperback and digital format, discussing why and how we can bring global issues into class:

Integrating Global Issues in the Creative English Language Classroom Edited by Alan Maley and Nik Peachey, published by the British Council, 2017. (one chapter)

With an introduction and practical tasks related to each of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, this book aims to help teachers raise awareness of the SDGs and bring them into class creatively. Download it free here: