Aunty Ji, how do I kiss?

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Aunty Ji, how do I kiss?

Loreza Bacino writes about a new Hindi-language website. It gives answers to all the questions that Indian young people are afraid to ask.


'We can stop this culture of silence about sex. It causes discrimination and injustice'. (Kevin Dooley under a Creative Commons Licence)

In India, it is not acceptable to talk about relationships and sex. The question googled by the most people in India – 37 million – is ‘how do I kiss?’

But in 2011, website (from a Dutch idea) has helped millions of young people to find answers to some of the questions they never had the courage to ask.

Love Matters ( is the first ever Hindi-language website to give open, friendly information about sexuality and sexual health. This is important because, in India, most girls are married before 18 and they have no sex education.

‘Aunty Ji’ gives information on the website about kissing, masturbation and safe sex to young adults aged 15-30.

‘Hindi has no words to describe “female masturbation”,’ says Michele Ernsting from Radio Netherlands Worldwide, who started the website. ‘So local groups helped us find the right words to talk about sex and pleasure.’

Five million people have visited the website so far. Vithika Yadav of Love Matters India says it is very important that men –nearly 80 per cent of visitors – see the website. ‘How can we end sexual violence if we never talk about sex?’ she asks.

‘We can only be equal if everyone has the information to be equal,’ adds Vithika. ‘Sex education is a basic human right. We can stop this culture of silence about sex. It causes discrimination and injustice.’

Love Matters has also started websites in Latin America, Kenya, Egypt and China.

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