Action to End the Oil Age

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Action to end the oil age


Fossil free divestment

The Fossil Free campaign is asking institutions to end their investments in fossil fuel companies. Everyone can get involved. Already hundreds of universities, churches, pension funds, states, and city councils have listened to the campaigns. And many have said, yes, we will go fossil free. The organisation behind the international divestment movement is

Get involved:

The Fossil Free website tells you if there’s a campaign near you and how to join it. If there isn’t, it gives you everything you need to start one. It tells you how to create an online petition. It also links to the global divestment community with latest news and successes from around the world. There will be a Global Day of Divestment Action in February 2015 – look at the Fossil Free website for details.


People & Planet

The student organisation has Fossil Free campaigns at 46 British universities. The campaign has over 15,000 signatures of support. Fossil Free motions have so far been passed at 15 different Student Unions, and the National Union of Students is supporting the campaign. Many universities, including Edinburgh and Oxford, are now thinking about plans to divest and University of London SOAS has stopped all new fossil fuel investments while it makes a final decision on divestment.


Bright Now

The Bright Now campaign is asking churches in Britain to go Fossil Free. It is organised by the Christian charity, Operation Noah. The British Quakers and many individual churches have already said yes to divest. The World Council of Churches is supporting them, the Church of Sweden and the Uniting Church of Australia.


End oil companies giving money to the arts, sport, and education

To get support from people around the world, oil companies give money to big cultural institutions and sporting and educational events around the world. If we can stop that, it will take away Big Oil’s power. In Britain, the Art Not Oil Coalition is trying to stop BP and Shell giving money to institutions. They are using direct actions in art, theatre, and music to bring anti-oil messages where BP and Shell are giving money.


Stop the tar sands

Across North America, First Nations, Native Americans, landowners, activists and NGOs are working together to stop new tar sands pipelines and new extraction projects. This organisation is using blockades, occupations, legal challenges, and protests to stop the tar sands industry.

Tar Sands Blockade: Beaver Lake Cree First Nation: Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and the Tar Tar Sands Solutions Network:


Protect the Arctic

Greenpeace is working to stop oil drilling in the Arctic. It is blocking ships and occupying drilling rigs. It is organising big public campaigns against big companies and countries involved in Arctic drilling. Very little oil is extracted in the Arctic so there is a good chance of success.


Action Saro-Wiwa

2015 will be the 20th anniversary of the killing of Nigerian writer and anti-Shell campaigner Ken Saro-Wiwa and the other Ogoni 8. The British organization Platform is planning a year of art and activism. Working with friends from the Niger Delta and internationally they plan to make Shell clean up the mess it has made in Nigeria. Everyone is invited to get involved.

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