A story of feet in India

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A story of feet in India by Sucheta Das


Sucheta Das

I took this photo of 25-year-old Rehana Khatoon’s feet in 2004.

Her feet became like this because she drinks water with arsenic in.

Her husband left her because of her horrible feet.

Arsenic is in the water naturally.

But people also drink it from wells that are contaminated in Rehana’s home state, West Bengal, India, and they can get very bad health from this eg. diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid, cholera, and hepatitis.

Sucheta Das/Majority World

NOW READ THE ORIGINAL: https://newint.org/columns/exposure/2016/12/27/sucheta-das-photo-india/ (This article has been simplified so the words, text structure and quotes may have changed).