3 lessons - with minimal preparation - that work

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1. Newspaper front page a) print articles (1 for each pair) from eewiki;... b) learners, in pairs, read articles and decide on problem and (possible) solution;... c) pairs write a one phrase / sentence summary of article and share;... d) groups (of 4 or 5) create a newspaper front page from 5 - 7 stories

2. Dictagloss to letter a) choose article from eewiki and dictagloss (quick dictation) or dictate;... b) learners, in 3s, reconstruct and continue article;... c) groups compare with original / peer correct;... d) learners decide who to write a letter about it to - and write

3. Group dictation to speaking a) print 4 short articles, learners in each of 4 groups read to find problem and solution;... b) new groups (one from each article group) – dictate texts to each other (or, if longer texts, choose most interesting paragraph to dictate);... c) learners check their writing with original articles;... d) re-group, then learners discuss to rank articles for interest, global importance, cost of solution and urgency